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I have a server, domain, and money - You have skills
Huge fan of MyBB and know what it takes to run a successful forum. Been staff on a large forum in the past and got a lot of experience with user management and handling a forum as a super moderator. Also owned a forum in the past and ran it privately. I love MyBB.

Anyways I have an OVH VPS right now and a .IS domain registered with ISNIC. I've got a partner that wants to help me run a forum, and I work a stable job. What I need is a developer(s) that want to volunteer time into a forum by working on our theme and perhaps even staff the forum. Also looking for graphic designers. Plan on getting off OVH as soon as possible and move to Voxility or HostEasy. I'll have enough money to pay for advertising/SEO. 

So... If you're bored and have front end development / back end development skills and want to volunteer time as a staff member and developer for my upcoming forum send me a PM. I'm not exactly knowledgeable in coding so you'll be a huge help to me.

Contact details
IF need Plugin and PHP Programming PM To me
Create Mybb Custom Plugin/theme
Create Wordpress Custom Plugin/theme
Php,C#,C++,HTML5,Jquery,..... Programming
View portfolio
I am interested to know what your upcoming project is about. I am a beginner self-taught PHP developer.
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