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Need a private forum (must login to view and post) where the content of the front page listings are based on selected fields that have been defined in a form. (In other words, form has 10 fields, only want 7 of those 10 to display on the front page; these 7 fields will be the same for all posts and will be ordered the same for all posts). Then have the ability to click and get more information on the post; this is where all 10 fields would be displayed. All fields need to be searchable.

There is only a single category to post to and all posts would be strictly controlled by the form. Would like to have the ability for the post to expire base on the "avail_date" field in the form and be auto removed. Also control for the posting user to correct/update/remove the post.

Would also like a subscription part for the users to subscribe to the site in order to post on it. 

Looking for a Dev who can work with my company in developing this and give me a quote on how much it would cost. 

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