Not Solved Skyscraper Ad on righ side of forum
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(2016-07-06, 10:32 AM).m. Wrote: ^ that right side advt looks alright. can you show your present requirement with a mock-up image ? (or with arrows & text)
Yes, sure.


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Personally i don't think vertical-align:middle will look good. The ad won't be visible until you scroll down. So maybe you need to get the ad to scroll down with page.
What goes around comes around
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I now what you mean Ashley, but when I leave it there then the forum looks more like a add page which people not visit. When the add is in the middle you just see it when you're half way the board. And the footer ads most people don't see.

Btw.: it would be great when it scroll down with the user from the middle to the bottom but I think I then will make it a lot more difficult for you guys..because i'm very bad in coding, but that was clear already Smile

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