Not Solved problem with mismatches theme 1.6 in 1.8
Not Solved
good afternoon community tengop No problem instle eva theme 1.8 and 1.6 when creating a theme looks bad Nose theme that part fix that if someone could tell me where here'll leave a capture

[Image: ipOaI5a.jpg]
Not Solved
You can't use a 1.6 theme on MyBB 1.8.X.

In order to make it work properly, you need to update and/or adapt the code from several templates of 1.8.X version to 1.6.

It's better if you just use any theme developed for 1.8.X version.


No puedes usar temas de la versión 1.6 en MyBB 1.8.X.

Para que funcione correctamente, deberías actualizar y/o adaptar el código de muchas plantillas de la versión 1.8.X a la 1.6.

Es preferible que utilices un tema realizado para la versión 1.8.X directamente.
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