Not Solved Issue with Thread Subscription and PM
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Hi All,

I'm running myBB 1.8.6 and have come across a strange issue.

Users are able to subscribe to notifications for threads. This notification is sent to the user as a PM.

The issue I noticed is that when multiple users subscribe to the same thread there is the issue of the notification using the wrong username. The contents of the PM would be:

<wrong user> 

<some user> has just replied....

Any suggestions on debugging this?

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Bump after 10 days
Not Solved
Hi there. I noticed you said you are running MyBB 1.8.6, before we proceed any further please upgrade to MyBB 1.8.8 it fixes several bugs and security issues. After you have upgraded we can proceed and help you with the issue further should the aforementioned issue continue to occur.
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