Banner Scroll Nav Bar
Phpbb, has this something similar. I actually like it.. but I would like to see one created for here as well. You can add many banners and links and it will display on the front page, For example. If you run a game chronicle you can add a banner to another game and a link to their site... that would be one banner scroll the next you can do the same but with another gaming site.. etc etc.  

Thank you
Kitty. Heart
Are you talking about sliders ?
if yes than you can use lot of jquery based slider. I didn't understood your question properly, probably if you add images it will be better.
No. I'm talking about a banner that shows different banners say like either in the header area, or under it.. is there a plugin for such?
You will need something custom for that.
I checked mods, there is an old plugin but it might work for you.
That's for a 1.6x, I'm using the current version of Mybb..

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