Not Solved [Please Help] DVZ Shoutbox Issue | Message Boxes Not Lined Up Right.
Not Solved
Hey, I am having a issue with DVZ shoutbox. The message boxes are messed up as shown below. I created a new css file called dvzshoutbox.css and put the DVZ styles in that css file in my themes stylesheet. 


And I am also trying to get were it says Shoutbox, I am trying to get that bar to match the forum theme color. As shown below.


Bump? Just looking at that messed up shoutbox is just making me mad. I installed everything right. Put everything in the forums upload folder. Except I created a new CSS file in my themes stylesheet because putting the DVZ STYLES file at the bottom of Global.css of my theme wasn't working. And it worked when I put it in a new CSS file? Any help? Please help?

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