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Hey everyone.

I'm sorry if this has been asked before but,

I'm trying to implement google ads into my forum, and when I highlight the area they are supposed to be in, you can see where the ad should be.
But the ad is not showing in general. I had a look in the inspector and have 2 errors - albeit of the same type as I think I may have put the same ad at the top and bottom of the forum.

[Image: 5CEtyWg.png]

I've inserted the ad-sense code into the Header on the template for the theme I created. Is there anything else I am missing on how to insert an advert? 

I did see this in the body html when highlighting the advert - if this is the issue, how would I fix it?
<body style="background-color: transparent;" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0"> </body> 
I've tried (through the inspector) disabling the transparency and it doesn't make a difference - as far as I can see anyway.                                                                                                                                             

The site in question is:
Installation: New - MyBB 1.8.9 
Shouldn't require additional permisions
EDIT: I should mention, use the LP Theme since that is going to be the main theme when the site is done.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry for this, but I think I just found the issue.

My adsense was set up via YouTube, so to have it shown on my Website, I have to have it approved by Google first.
Just did that, so hopefully it will work after they have approved my site.

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