Light vs Dark Theme
Designers and users, which do you prefer?

I have always used a dark theme, but recently I've thought about switching to a light theme.
I only go for color preference based on the niche, for my gaming community I use a darker theme.
But for a community regarding education, I go with a light theme.

Basically it depends on target audience what they prefer and you can guess it based on the niche :-)

Yes it depends on your audience. But I always find dark themes difficult to read.

I think younger people prefer dark. And older people prefer light.

Why not make your theme in both dark and light. That way your members could choose.

Or run a poll with your active users, those are the ones you want to keep happy.
As WallBB said I think it entirely depends on the niche.
[Image: TExMo15.png]

It entirely depends on the niche. But most people that run general discussion forums these days mostly head towards darker themes as it's easy on the eyes.
I prefer light over dark but definitely believe in user choice so having both as an option is great.

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