Need small consults via email and Skype, for MyBB help

I am new to MyBB and web work. I am looking for someone to bounce email questions off of and sometimes do Skype screen-sharing walkthroughs. I will pay for your time even if you are just answering email questions or Skype screen-sharing to walk me through simple stuff. This will mostly be very low level, simple stuff, and maybe one to three hours, once or twice a month. Although it will probably be more than that at first (now). You are expected to be quite good with MyBB. You don't need to be an expert's expert, but you should know your way around it quite well. I tend to ask very specific questions because I want things done a particular way. So they will not be deep questions on a huge site, but they might be unusual as in, "hmm, don't know if you can do that, I'll have to check".

I have a posting for this on Upwork that you can work through, or we can work directly through PayPal or something. Whatever seems workable and fair. I am thinking in the range of $10-$20 US dollars/hour. I am also asking on Upwork.

You are welcome to PM me. I am in Atlanta GA USA and would most like to work mid-day if we Skype, although later in the day is possible.

Thanks! - Mike

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