Not Solved custom MYBB for only mods and admins
Not Solved
I have a custom MyBB. Ideally i would like only mods and admins to be able to use this MyCode. But i found this to be a little more complicated process than i thought originally.

So my next approach is to hope that no one uses it and just gives warnings for people using it. There is no button for it, so they would have to find it. But i want to identify the person using the MyCode.
The MyCode in question is a [mod] tag, basically an icode that says moderator and a message from the moderator shown as different text to identify its different than the post itself. The content....

Quote:Moderator: $1
But what i would like to do is

Quote:Moderator $post['editusername']: $1 
In that way everyone (regular users and team members) can tell who edited the post and added the [mod] tag to know if it is bogus or from a real admin.

In that case if i edited a post and used a mod tag, it would read
Quote:Moderator metulburr: my message here
for the tags
[mod]my message here[mod]

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