Not Solved [How To?] Filter users for NO selection in multiple choice. Not working!
Not Solved
Please, see the attached image.

We added a multiple option custom field in the user profile.
We also added a checkbox field.

We need to have a view filtering for "NO" selection in BOTH . So we choose N/A, meaning, if the user didn't select any of these, and in the checkboxes NONE of them was selected. So users with no selection in any of them, should be in the list.

But the filter doesn't work at all. Shows all users , with something or anything selected. Even combined!.

In fact , the filtering system is way too simple. You can't do these things:

- Filter for "NOTHING" written in a field in custom fields, just like other fields on top allow to select.
- Combine options with an ANY operator, instead of ALL. Meaning, if this is done OR this OR this. Not all of them.
- Combine options in a dropbox list (if this, this AND this, OR...etc in the list).

NOTHING, ANY, AND and OR should be present!.

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