redirection spams on my board
HI guys im having a serious problem
every other click on on any link on my board redirect my visitors to another website that i use to own but i give it up long time ago. the domain name give it up around 2 years ago i have no relation to that domain anymore. but i keep getting request from the web-hosting asking me to renew their plan but their service is so crappy i left them i used to host my both website the closed one and the actual active one with them and now im with inmotionhosting.

the problem is every other click on my live board now leads to that closed domain name witch is just a page full with ads
how do i get rid of this problem please?
can you post a link to ur site so we can see the problem?
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yes ofcourse and this is the link visitor's will get redirected to
no redirection here.
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not all the time happen its happen sometimes but for different user i keep getting claims from users is there any steps i fellow if possible make a fresh install and nust reupload database and what file?
This has nothing to do with Mybb but everything to do with DNS, more than likely, your users are experiencing a cached version of your website, how long ago did you change names? If they are trying to access your site on tablet or phone, those browsers hold cache until cleared...
Hey man, what's up?

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