[Pushed] Saving as Draft considered as posting in stats
I noticed that in my forum today's top poster (which is shown in stats.php page) has absurdly high number of post (52)

When I check this guy's posts I see only 11 posts in last 24 hours.
Any idea what causes that info to mess up?
Do you have any plugins installed that would affect that particular function? Core edits?
No I don't really think so.

I saw that guy's post count in stats page increase to 54, then reduced back to 52.
Currently it's still 52.

The thing is when I (soft) remove one of his posts, 52 doesn't get reduced to 51.

Did some testing.
  • When I post a lot, I can actually pass "always 52 posts" guy in stats.
  • After I pass him, if I soft remove my comment - my post count doesn't get reduced aswell.
  • But if I remove my comment entirely, then it gets reduced by 1.
  • Same thing applies to "52 posts guy", when I remove one of his posts entirely, his post count gets reduced.
which made me suspicious that "52 post count" might not be bug itself, but it's caused by some action supposed to not count as post and I found it, it's "Save as Draft".

When you are posting on a thread, if instead of posting it right away you save it as draft, it's still considered as posting in stats page. I tested it and reproduced it.

I reproduced the issue on this forum aswell, to reproduce you can just click on "Save as draft" and be sure that you have enough drafts to pass the 1st guy on stats page.
So are saved drafts also being added to your post count? or only in "today's top poster" stats?
-edit- tested it, answer is no
Updated thread title, it's best to move this thread to Bug Reports.

Thank you for your report. We have pushed this issue to our Github repository for further analysis where you can track our commits and progress with fixing this bug. Discussions regarding this bug may also take place there too.

Follow this link to visit the issue on Github: https://github.com/mybb/mybb/issues/2842

Thanks for contributing to MyBB!

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