[TUTORIAL] How to add a discord widget for ASB
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I don't know if many people has found out this guide on how to add a discord widget for the Advanced Sidebox plugin by Wildcard. I just thought that it'd maybe help people who may want this feature. I'd like to thank Wildcard personally for fixing the code.

So first of all, you basically need the ASB plugin activated and installed successfully. You can find the plugin by clicking here. After that you need to go to "ACP-Plugins-Advanced Sidebox-Custom Boxes-Add a new custom box type". 

After that type in the name textbox with discord or whatever you wish to call it, and untick the checkbox next to it (It will be called; [b] unchecking this box means that you want to build your own tables and expander[/b]). 

After all that, it should look like the following; 

[Image: r38IdcD.png]

After that you go into you're discord server and go to Server Settings, then go to widgets. It then should show something like this;

[Image: G_aTW29QSDaXsk8K2cT0qQ.png]
(Note: You have to have administrative power to access this, if you do not then you won't have access to this section of the discord.)

Just click the "Enable Server Widget and copy the code from the premade widget section at the bottom of the page, finally you just copy the code into the content section below on the custom box section on ASB section and it should be showing something like this;

[Image: zzhx2xnhR6mf9bb_61JZ8w.png]
And then click save button at the bottom of the page, then just head to "manage sideboxes" and you should see the sidebar you created in the custom section in between the Add-on modules and the left section, just place it inwhich section you wish and you're done. You should see something like this;

[Image: F3Hg4AoGRK6xMbNeo3hoKw.png]
And you're done.

I hope you liked my tutorial as it's the first one I have done. Big Thanks to Wildcard for encouraging me to create the tutorial. If you require any assistance, reply on the topic or dm me on discord and I'll try to help the best I can.

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Great work! +1
Great tutorial, thanks Void. Looking to add Discord as its becoming so popular.
Thank you, is there any way to show only the top part of the widget? I mean number of users online without list of channels.

Something like this:

I saw it there: https://discuss.flarum.org/d/7028-flagro...ds-builder (the first post, on the top). It must be doable somehow over the Discord admin panel but I am not sure Sad
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