Solved: 3 Years, 7 Months ago Link text turns white in FireFox
Solved: 3 Years, 7 Months ago
Hi, I am getting reports from FireFox users that all the links & menu items in my forum are showing as white instead of blue, and so are almost completely invisible, because my theme (Unova theme) has a light grey background. I imagine any other theme with a light background will be similarly affected.

I have installed current version of FF  - version 56.0 (64-bit) and was able to verify the issue.  
Also established that running FireFox in safe mode (no addons, acceleration disabled etc) makes no difference.

I cannot even suggest users try switching to another theme, because UserCP also has all 'invisible' links.  Also theme switch is not a preferable long term solution anyway - have spent quite a bit of time setting things up for this one.

Have others encountered this issue, and what is the solution?

Is there some sort of css tweak than can address this issue for FireFox?  If so where and what do I edit?

I am not a web coder, but fooling around using the 'inspect element' function in Firefox, I found that un-ticking a colour box in a rule called  'a:link' , which is associated with global.min.css:1  caused the hidden text to all reappear.
Changing the color value in the rule made no difference/was ignored by FireFox - only unticking it worked
so it seems like the very existence of the rule itself is incompatible with FireFox

a:link {
/* color: #6200; */
text-decoration: none;

Is there a way a css rule can be edited to behave differently for different browsers?  

Is there a more elegant long term solution than code edits that would not require manual repetition after every MyBB update?

Any help much appreciated!

Ok, problem solved.

Editing the global.min.css style sheet for the theme, the colour nominated by default (see above) was invalid.  Seems to have been given a truncated or decimal value rather than required 6 digit hex rgb value by the theme author. Substituting #337FFF for #6200 did the trick.

Most browsers didn't seem to care, but Firefox did
Paul King
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