Not Solved changing groups and promotions
Not Solved
My question is not about how to change the usergroups or promotions.

MY question is about what happens when you try to change them mid-forum. Can you mess this up and have people in limbo in user groups?

Lets say i haveĀ  the following usergroups

Quote:registered = 0 posts
user = 5+ posts
Privileged User = 50+ posts

then i have group promotions that tick the registered to user at 5 posts, user to privileged user at 50 posts and Privileged User to the following group after that; so on and so on.

Lets say there are hundreds of users in each user group at every post count possible here.

Now lets say i change this and add a new usergroup in between user and privileged user at 25 posts called user_plus. I set a new group promotion from user -> user_plus at 25 posts, set a new promotion at user_plus -> privileged user at 50 posts, and remove the user -> privileged user at 50 posts.

What happens to the users at post count 26-49. There is no user -> privileged user promotion anymore so would they be stuck in the usergroup user forever because there is no promotion that switch user to the next user group at 50 posts?

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