Gamertags/social custom profile field tooltips in posts/profiles?
Is there a plugin that allows users to add their Xbox, PSN, Nintendo Switch ID's as well as their Twitch and Mixer ID's in their profile filelds and have them display as hover-able tooltips in the postbit and display them within their profiles?

Similar to This Xenforo add-on?
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Do you want to create new profile fields? If so this can be done in the Admin CP.

Admin CP -> Configurations -> Custom Profile Fields -> Add New Profile Field

I found some plugins they are for MyBB 1.6 and may not work but you can try them.

MyXBL v2:
MySteam Powered:

See this to update the plugins to MyBB 1.8.
What i want is similar to the xbox one, the easiest thing I can explain it as is the add-on I linked to from Xenforo. Smile If someone can make something similar to that for MyBB 1.8 that'd be great.
[Image: revad1.png]

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