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Hello, I need your help. I have no idea in coding Huh . I guess someone couldn't solve all without getting paid. If someone would, I'd really pleasure themShy. I think if one person solves one, then all of it will be solved Big Grin . 
I use 1point8 theme. So you can help me by knowing what code is in the theme. If you need to view my forum then Click Here. Registration code is "5H8!eYy"\pHk[2p3xCYCJ6~RU"
I need to make quote button as same as vB. It means that quote button types quoted text in quick reply immediately when clicked instead of selecting post to to type quoted text.
When admin logged in, welcome message should be like this "Welcome admin [admin's username]". In portal too
Make Portal page accessible by only registered users. Also make Portal page's tab name Portal instead of showing forum(board) name
After log-in, redirect to portal page.
In this 1.8.7, I don't see any theme selector as same as 1.8.6 at the bottom of page
Inbox(new PM's number). Just so you know. When you have 1 new PM then you will see Inbox(1)
Make moderators list of forum at the bottom as same as vB
Make Usercp out of list as same as default theme. If you see my theme usercp is in the list.
I want to make more custom lines in users profile just like Skype ID, Yahoo ID etc. And i need to remove some useless lines such as AIM Screen Name, ICQ Number even from settings of admincp. Also new custom lines are available to setup in the settings of admincp.
In quick reply, Post reply and Preview post are moved from bottom of quick reply. Need to fix it.
Make only Admins are able to do per-delete, Others aren't able to do including super moderator.
Move online/offline status to between stars and join date.
Color of username in quoted text isn't compatible with theme's color(green). Need to change to be compatible
Need to create spoiler as same as vB. Copy spoiler entirely (including design, style, etc) from vB if possible. 
I'm sorry. I know i'm asking for lots of thingsConfused. If you don't want to, i won't bother you. Thank you. Hope you will help me
Not Solved
Quote:Please make your thread subjects more accurate and meaningful. Simply "Help Me" doesn't help to get the matter at a glance and users will not even take interested to open and read your threads.

So, next time ...


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