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Hi all Smile

Your Ad (YAR) is designed to allow website owners/publishers to rate and comment on advertising networks from google adsense to yahoo publisher network.

Our custom built system allows you to vote on various aspects of the ad network, along with adding your own review.

A list of advertisers is available for you to test out, after reading the reviews!

Not getting paid on time!? Let us know, and warn others about the poor customer relations.

Main Site :
Forum :

So join in, comment on the ad networks you use!
Where did you get that reviews system for mybb ?
Its custom built Smile

I have done a few changes on the site, so get reviewing the ad companies!!

Just to let you know that the site has been fully re-developed with a light white and blue theme. The forum and main site has been changed to compliment each other and to allow the rating and review easier.

So pop along to and get rating the ad networks!

Cheers, Rob Smile
Some of the borders are skew in Opera. Also, the source code is all in capitals, which is a standard that was abandoned years ago so you may want to look into that.
Ok cheers.

I will look into sorting all of that out then Smile

Other feedback, comments appreciated!

Register at Your Ad Revier Here

Hey, an update here.

I am looking for staff to help me out on the site. Im looking for reviewers who can write about several ad companies. I am looking for other people aswell, so PM with your information and I will get back to you Smile

I am also looking for a complete re design of the site, so PM if you are interested!

I find it odd that your site is about reviewing adverts and your site is littered with horrible flashy banner ads.

If I was randomly surfing and came across that site I wouldnt stick on it for very long.

One of the ad's on the site takes you to which is a known SPAM site and pretty much blacklisted on any proxy.

Having links with these types of sites gets your site a bad name and can get you blacklisted too.

See Here:

Free computer support @
Ok cheers,

I have put a tight guard on the ad's which can be show. I have made it even more secure so some of these ads should start to go.

I am at uni so havent had much time to sign up to other companies, but I am looking to expand the staff to aid me running the site.


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