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Is there an existing function / plugin to have admins export to pdf related info like # of awaiting activation users, banned users, # of threads/posts of forums?.  I'm trying to make the forum i'm doing to easy make reports of status.  If not, where can i start hooking a custom plugin to add an extra options to ACP? I'm new to mybb coding....

Big appreciation to help...
Exporting pdf is a little painful work and as much I have experimented the best solution is to use mozilla's pdf.js. If you are in programming you can try implementing the same:

Or of you are unsure about how to implement it or just feel lazy I'd suggest you to use datatables plugin. This plugin actually is used to paginate, filter, sort table data but its button extension works flawless exporting table data to csv, pdf, copy to clipboard or print. Since MyBB is still table driven and having jQuery in core it will not be a hard work to implement.

How to possibly hook a new tab/option in ACP with datatables?... All the custom plugins i'm doing are just php conditions... never tried a UI hook.
Suggest you look into this library.


Works pretty good and I have it on HF to export threads. Could be easily converted to export as PDF other pages.

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