Steps for upgrading a theme
As a theme maintainer, I decided to create un Upgrade guide for users (could not find information about this topic in forum or documentation - if there exist such, please respond with a link).

I am posting my guide here in case any other Theme would like to include it in their installation guide. 

I would also be very grateful if anyone can provide improvement suggestions.

Upgrade Instructions

1. Repeat the instructions for installing, but choose a different name for the new version of the theme

2. If you have plugins, you most likely need to Deactivate/Activate them so that they can reapply their changes to the new theme templates.

3. If you have made custom changes to the current templates, copy them to the new theme templates.

4.  If you have made custom changes to css files, transfer them to the css files of the new theme.

5. Reupload the files from Upload directory, but be careful if you made custom changes to any of them (like the language file ougc_customlang.lang.php, logos, etc)

From this point you have 2 options (a and b). (a) is to switch users to the new newly uploaded theme. (b) is to make current theme use the templates of the new theme. Option (a) will be the easier one if you only have one theme and no subthemes based on different colors. Option (b) will help preserve each user's theme setting and may be usefull if you have many subthemes with different colors and you do not want to loose each user's theme preference. 

6(a). Copy theme settings from current to new theme (like logo paths, editor style, etc)

7(a). Go to the "Templates & Style" and click the Options button next to the new theme version. Select "Force on users" - this will migrate all users to the new theme. Also set it as default theme.

8(a). After some time, provided that all works well, you can delete the old theme version


6(b). Go to the "Templates & Style", click on the current theme and set its parent theme to be the new theme version (this way it will use the new version css files)

7(b). Go to the current theme options and for 'Template Set' choose the template set of the new theme. You need to repeat this for any subthemes with different colors.

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