Not Solved How to turn off email function or turn off email validation
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How do I turn off the function of emails completely?
Or How do I turn off the email validation?

I have a issue with users trying to register on my site running into "Email not valid" even though it is valid, I'd like to turn that off.
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i have no idea what could be causing this but i know that you can turn off email verification on Configuration > Settings > Login and Registration Options by changing the dropdown on "Registration Method" to anything that doesn't include "email verification".

that should allow users to bypass email validation on registration by whatever means you prefer (validating them all manually yourself or just letting them immediately start posting, altho you might run into issues with spammers that way?)
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If I understand correctly, the error is The email address you entered is invalid. Please enter a valid email address, so altering the Registration Method won't work. Can you try registering using MyBB's stock theme?
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