Not Solved [How To?] Restrict players to only view Stickies and Important Threads within a forum?
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Hey Guys! First post, used MyBB in the past but have taken a break from it. The new community that I am working with is using MyBB so i now have to get back into it again.

My problem is that we have a Staff Application section on the forums. Within that Section there's 4 different posts that have been created by staff members for example "Application Templates" "Application Information" etc. It is important that users read these posts before creating their application and posts however, we don't want users to be able to see each others posts. From what I've tried, it seems that the "Can only view own threads" does just that, however it removed the option to see the sticked and important threads at the top of the forum.

Is there a way to make it possible that users are able to see the selected/sticked threads at the top of that forum, create a post and not be able to see anyone else's application except their own? If this cannot be done on its own, is there a plugin that could assists in this? I have noticed that this can easily be done using other forum software, so maybe i'm just missing something?

All help is appreciated and thanks in advance!

Regards, Grimzy
Not Solved
You can do this by a simple way:
- change the group(s) permissions in the forum settings and enable "can only view own threads" and "Can only reply to own threads"
- Create announcements in the forum to replace your 4 posts (copy & paste contents)

If you want to keep posts (and not announcements), you'll have to use a plugin (not sure it already exists) to override the "can view only own posts" for important & sticked threads.
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