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Afternoon all,

i have purchased the majestic theme a while ago, i've gone to use it but for some reason when i go to comment on a thread / create a new thread the comment box is unaligned, i am currently learning (slowly!) but can't figure out why this is.

any ideas?

[Image: b5dbc8f7633ab1d36845d6faf1e9685c.png]
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MyBB 1.8.21 made some changes to the text editor.

If you are using this version, and your theme is older, then read this:

If your theme is new and compatible with 1.8.21, but your forum is not updated, then again you may have a problem. In this case upgrade your forum, or downgrade your theme.
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Hey community,
I'm looking for an XML file for Majestic MyBB Templates (light version).
Unfortunately, my file in the package is damaged, lost xml file and theme does not work.
I cannot run the template.
Please help.
Thank you for all answer.

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