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[Enhancement] config_settings.lang.php
The file config_settings.lang.php in the Installation package only contains only a fraction of all variables that are being used in the admin's setting menu & options.

Especially if you want to translate these variables you can't find them.

In the attachment a complete list of all variables.

Can you please replace the actual config_settings.lang.php file in the installation pack by this new file that contains all variables ?

Best wishes

Attached Files
.php   config_settings.lang.php (Size: 65.81 KB / Downloads: 21)
Did you mean the settings in "Configuration > Board Settings"? The names and descriptions of these settings don't use the language system. They're baked in the database during installation and not translatable in current MyBB versions.

Sorry I didn't notice that MyBB does have a way of using translated phrases for settings mentioned above. It's just official language packs lack of these, like what OP said.
Could be wrong but worth a try.
I recall this being an known issue long ago. Wouldn't it be better to include the language file from the languages directory? (I'm assuming the content is duplicated)
I fear you both misunderstood my point.

The config_settings.lang.php file in the installation package is very incomplete. 7.29 Kb

I have completed it (see the attachment in my first post). 65.81 Kb
My suggestion is to replace the actual incomplete version in the installation package by the earlier attached complete one.

The incomplete version is  a burden for everyone who wants to translate the administrator settings.

For illustration purposes I will attach the file in the installation package here.
Please compare it to the file I attached to my first post.

Attached Files
.php   config_settings.lang.php (Size: 7.29 KB / Downloads: 10)

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