[Services Request] Need work doing possibly ongoing

I have been asked....Could I have a quote please for the below
There are new objectives that would incur further investment.  If you can put a cost next to each to break down your total cost, then the Commercial Committee can rate the importance to them for their progression towards our forum vision.

• I need Members to have the opportunity of checking their posts as “Resolved” or “Unresolved” so that Members in the future know the final outcome.  Can we have these buttons as options, please, or some similar option?
• Is there a way that the Search Bar can be at the top of each forum?
• Can we adjust the upload size of the file allowed on the Stock Clearance section?  I know from uploading the rules that it would only let me upload a very small file size

Not sure yet how easy this is for you to do for us and how they fit into in-house or need Developer input?

• I want to be able to show the Member Town to assist local trading, and guess we could utilise one of the additional user fields.  If not, then I will have to put this detail into their signatures before I upload all the signatures at the weekend.

• APP – I have had enough Members asking about an APP (tapatalk) to know they want one to manage our Forum on their phones.  The way forward is for you to advise which works the best with our Forum, its features, what we need to do, plus the issues you perceive.  It would then be up to them to weigh the options before deciding for the Group.

Many Thanks
Hi Davide,
I can assist on the points ongoing basis.
Please share link to evaluate once

Hi Davide,

I can assist you with the same.
Kindly reach me over Email: [email protected] to discuss further.

Hope to hear from you soon.'

Maria J
Hello Davide

I've sent you a private message with more details.

For the max file upload limit, you can try updating in the Admin Panel -> Configurations -> Attachment Types. Bump the max upload limit here per file type. Try uploading a file of the limit you desire and see if this works.

Also take a look at your PHP file upload limits, go to the Admin Panel -> Tools & Maintenance -> View PHP Info -> search for "upload_max_filesize". Also double check the value of "post_max_size". If needed I can help with all of this as well  Smile.

Kind regards

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