Not Solved Update from 1.8.26 to 1.8.27 not correct.
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After upgrading from 1.8.26 to 1.8.27 i had a strange thing. The upgrade is correct, but if i open a new treat en i will putt attachements in de message i see this strange thing.

[Image: 615b51bcd9474-problem.jpg]

Where are al my buttons to select files.

I hope that someone can help me.

Greetings marco.
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Go to ACP > Templates & Style > Find Updated Templates, some templates may be outdated and need reverting to default.
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This doesn't work. Deleted also all every installed templates.
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Your forum is ok, there is just a text missing in your "strange thing": Click or drop some files here to upload...

Check if your translations files are up2date and if no translation is missing or empty
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This "strange thing" is a new box for uploading files using Drag&Drop - new feature comes with version 1.8.27.
It seems to be the text only missing in the box.

When clicking inside this box, are you able to select files?

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