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I use the Country Flag in Postbit 2.0 mod and I thought this is usefull for people who get an more language forum and use this mod.
For me it would be usefull.

My idea is to have a list with online countries (the countries that are online when you visit the forum).
It would be nice to use the same flags and use it in the board statistics under the who is online.
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Is the list based on the CustomField info ? And if a online user hasn't filled in the field, it returns 'x Unknown' ?
Yes this mod puts in your usercp/profile a extra field with user countrie.
But when in this mod a user also do not add anything it shows nothing.
I guess it must be possible to show all country flags from people who are online, in the board stats. When somebody from a country did not add this country flag in their profile, thats their problem that it is not showed on the board stats.

Perhaps I can explain with an example:

admin_robert (Holland), Anne (Slovenia), babausis (Portugal), Benny (Croatia), Corry (Danmark), hebedita (Germany), KateLe (Holland), Kika (Portugal), Milda (Germany), Nadine (CZ), Pepa (Germany), sanclauds (Slovenia), vivika (Portugal)

All those people are on line, when they add the oline country flag I wanne see them in the list as I showed in the example. I the example all people add their country.

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Can you try this plugin ?

Settings :
=> Status [ Yes/No ]
=> Field ID :: FID of Custom UserCountry Field
=> Image Path :: Default ./images/flags/

Install ::
=> Upload into your ./inc/plugins folder & Activate

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Any idea where I find this Show Flags Of Online Users? __FieldID
Fid Of The User Country CustomField?
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spinning Wrote:thanks,

Any idea where I find this Show Flags Of Online Users? __FieldID
Fid Of The User Country CustomField?

If you go to your Custom Profile Fields page in the ACP, you will see this column ( ID# ) ; Enter the ID of User Country into that setting.
Thanks it works
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Well, this is a cool idea. I might try this out on my own forum. Big Grin

edit: OK, now that's really cool. It will even tell you how many people are logged in under the same country! Another great plugin, Lex!

If I post in your thread, please do not PM me for more help! Thanks!

I have got a problem with this mod.
I was testing a new theme and I deactivate it and activate it again.
Now I get all countries 2 times.
See page and scroll down
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Is it so hard to self explore, this aint the first time such thing happens.
Open your index template

Remove one of them.

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