new lay-out how to add
My forum still use the default styles (templates and themes) but I am working on a new lay-out. At this moment I am working in a test forum but I wanne add the new lay-out to my forum and going on with designing there.


By putting the theme on default people will see the lay-out just like it is now. THATS OK. But can I see what the lay-out look like without other people are seeing this till it is ready to use??


What will hapen with the used mods when I download a new them and import it
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1) Don't set it as the default theme, and make it so that only Administrators can select it. Then go to your UserCP and select the theme from your Options section.

2) I don't understand what you mean.
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I add some mods like gamesection and adds after x post. When I use a new theme will they be gone or???
Also have some mods with a database like guestbook and downloadsection.
How can I do that that only admins can see it.
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You should probably deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If the plugin is coded correctly, each template set should be updated with the modified template code. If not, then you will have to go through and add each of the template modifications manually for the new theme.
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This are the most important mods that are not showed in my new theme. When I deactivate them and activate them it will gave some problems:

- losing datas
- double add (all mods are showing 2 times on a page)
example: google adds
google adds

Ads after first post
Displays ads after the posts in your forums.

Country Flag
Shows the user's country flag in their post.

Game Section
Makes a powerfull system for playing games on your MyBB board.
Version: Install or for "Upgrade" from older version.

Profile Picture
Possibility To Upload A Profile Picture.

User Guestbooks
Allows users to post notes in each others profiles

I thought it was easy to add some code in the templates and then it works, but some of them I had to change more templates.
Then I copy all the changed templates from where I thought it had to do with the mods and that give problems with the complete lay-out.

If somebody had a little time and help me that would be greatfull, I allready tried a lot but I changed in a mess and startover with a new theme.

I think other that it would be also usefull for other peoples because I think I am not the only one.
Perhaps an idea to start a group

new theme and mods - what must be changed

Anyway thanks for reading my post.
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Well most plugins use the find_replace_templatesets function to modify the templates, and that is only done when the plugin is activated.

The double data is a problem with the plugin. You should contact the plugin author.
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