ALICE - Chat Bot
hi, i have been looking into this alice -
as far as i can see this is a bot that you can unleash on your forums and it will interact with posters using some level of AI. can someone tell me if this is possible and will it work if i run it in my forum - to boost my post count? also what is the crack regarding actually running the program - i had a read of the site but the language means nothing to me as i am not expert in programming speak.
any info?
I'm interested in A.L.I.C.E. also.
Anyone know if it's compatibly with MyBB?
I used this on another forum I used to run, but that was an IPB forum.
like this? in the sidebox!
I think an ALICE bot by itself (chatting on a separate page) doesn't depend on MyBB. However, if you want ALICE to respond to forum posts, then that requires some integration of some sort.
Dennis Tsang
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I want to be able to assign it to a forum so whenever people post in that forum A.L.I.C.E will reply. I used to have it on an old IPB forum and it was really funny.
This can be done. The alice bot reads the text you type into a texbox that has a specific name. If you can configure ALICE to read within the posting div it will be able to do it. I see no point for it though.
I am also interested in this, I've been wondering about using it with Mybb for a long while but never bothered to ask.
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Same here. Anybody?
I actually tried this, basing it off ProgramE, however, ProgramE seems to be buggy in itself and yeah, I don't like going through fixing other people's bugs >_>
I really would want one. I know someone who switched to phpBB just because of it.

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