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with the forums an it with myplaza and my requested module.
What are rom hacks?
no iligal things its modifying an original game complete to an own made like.
Actually, a ROM Hack is illegal, you are editing copyrighted information, usually (in the case of Pokemon) the graphics, scenario, music and I guess, everything inside a ROM is copyrighted by Nintendo. The distribution of ROM hacks is an illegal act when the ROM image is commercial, Pokemon is commercial, so unless your website/forums have strict rules that forbid the distribution of the ROM hacks as the complete ROM (not patches), your website could be shut down.
From what I understand about ROM hacks, distributing just your modified files and NOT the original ROM, is legal. However distributing your modifications AND the ROM is illegal.
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Modified files are the patches I mentioned. It is hard for me to tell if the website has rules against that, as the forums require registration and I'm not going to.
yes whe use patches you need lunar lips to path them.

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