Not Solved [Solved] Remove header & footer blank space?
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Can somebody tell me how I can easily remove the space at the top of the forums and at the bottom without breaking anything else? I've tried messing around before in the templates but I'm not real sure which one to change.

Here's a picture for what I mean, see how there is no space or break between the top of the web browser and the forum itself? That's what I want.
[Image: asdffon8.png]

Many Thanks Smile
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Sorry to bump, but still really haven't figured much out. I'm guessing that it's in some CSS theme coding, but still not entirely sure how to change it.

Any lead is greatly appreciated. Big Grin

Thank You Smile
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Check you logo, it may be taking up all that space with transparency. I suggest you fill the tansparency with an image, as portrayed above. And to cut down on whatever extra there may be. If you give me a link to your forums it might help me determine that for sure.

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I dont't think so, because my logo is really small..

Edit: Thank you for your help, I have figured it out now. It was a body margin thing, I set the top and bottom to 0px and it worked the way I wanted it to.

Thanks again!

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