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The Atheist Blogger / Forums
Now that I've got MyBB installed on my atheist blog, I can showcase it here Big Grin

Anyway, "The Atheist Blogger" is aimed to be an open blog about atheism, religion, and anti-theism, written by anyone who wants to contribute to it. Recently, a lot of articles have been deemed controversial enough to debate, but since WordPress blog comments sections aren't the best place to do that I installed MyBB to do the job. - The Blog - The Forums

The site is open to anyone, if you are atheist or not. We welcome all debates.

*Note* - The forum theme is plain and grey because I wanted to keep it in line with the blog theme. Colour really didn't look right on it anyway.
I like it, I think the scheme not only mirrors the blog, but it looks nice on it's own. Not flashy but easy on the eyes and simply laid out Smile

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Agreed with Techmonkey here.

Although, more plugins would be nice. ^_^;
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Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:Agreed with Techmonkey here.

Although, more plugins would be nice. ^_^;
I hadn't really thought about plugins Toungue The feedback section of the forums is for that Ryan. hehe
That theme really matches with the site. Hope all goes well for you drpoodle
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[Image: poptartFINALTINY.gif]
Hey, I like the theme...FYI The main site has a small horizontal bar on 1024 * 768...

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