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I have played Substance but only for PS2 and I played it before Sons Of Liberty so I only played the normal mode, However I am going to buy Substance because I like the special mission pack for MGS 1 so I think the VR missions for MGS 2 will be as good at that.

On the PS2 version Substance has

Tanker Mission (Solid Snake)
Plant Mission (Raiden)
400+ VR Missions
Snake skateboarding
The infrared view of the thermal goggles was changed to properly resemble actual infrared vision.

I assume all this will be in the XBOX version.
skateboarding?? i dont remember that at all from the original. And those vr missions are quite a lot. Not a real fan of those, but sounds good. And what do you mean the special missions pack for MSG 1? You mean there are missions from the original metal gear from ps 1 included into the substance metal gear?!
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In the PS2 version of MGS 2 Substance there is snake skateboarding, It wasn't in sons of liberty but its in substance, im not sure if its in the X-BOX version.

What I mean't was the reason im getting substance even though I own Sons of liberty is because in MGS 1 there is a VR Mission pack called special missions which I like and I assume the 400 VR missions in substance will be better than those, so im gettin substance purely for the 400 VR Missions.

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I actually know one of two, i's be happy to send them in your direction. Just get an army themes skin. The skin you got now for it doesn't suite the MGS theme.
Im not very good at skinning. Hopefully one may come out when gold is released
Whats Gold? Final version of MyBB?
As you probably know, the final version of MyBB for this will be "MyBB 1.0". Before, it was known as "MyBB Gold". It's not really the fina version of mybb ever, but more so the final version for this release.
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I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with MyBBThemes
Ah, when will it be released? I don't mean exactly, but would you have an estimate?

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