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MyBB Gold is now called MyBB 1.0. Its been renamed Toungue And, atm its MyBB 1.0 PR2, and occasionally bug fix releases will be made like the one recently (although they wont increase the version). MyBB 1.0 (no pr's or rc's) shouldn't be too far off since it wont include any new features, just a whole lot of bug fixes. 1.1, the version after 1.0, is a semi feature release. More about that when its being made. Toungue And no set estimates or release datres for 1.0 or 1.1 atm.
Check it out again people, the theme is excellent, cheifsaab made it, what a genius he is, thanks again dude.
We'll be launching again in a couple of months. Once the site is completely finished. - Uses Belloman's Crystalblack which is fab skin. there will be game pages like this for each of the game.

Your thoughts?

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