Not Solved a couple of myplaza ideas/questions
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hey, i just downloaded the MyPlaza plugin (great mod, download it if you haven't), and i was wondering about a few things.

is it possible:
to be able to sell skins that members can use
to show items on the profile of a member rather than on the member post-bit
for members to submit items and make money out of it? (with approval, etc.)
to show the latest added items on the Plaza Homepage/another page of choice. (or even a Plaza RSS Feed)

thanks in advance Smile
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For the first one, you can create a custom usergroup, and use the "Buy into Secondary Usergroups" module to allow users to pay and be able to use the skin.

As for the rest, I don't think it's possible.
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okay, thanks for the reply Wink

how does the inventory on the post-bit work though? i should imagine it could be viewable on the member's profile :/
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The items are stored in an external table.

The items are loaded into a cache when the first postbit is requested, and then subsequent postbits retrieve all the item details from the cache.

There's already a separate "My Inventory" page to display inventory items for users. You can also view other users' items by clicking their link. It's just not displayed on the profile page.

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