Automated weekly script containing links to new thread
Hi All,

I am looking for a script which can send me a mail -- on a weekly basis -- containing link to all the new threads started by forum members.

I want to use this in my supporting blog as a weekly wrap up post.

Please let me know if it is possible. Any help appreciated.

You may need to ask in the Plug Ins Request forum.
ok Thanks lufbra...

oh I see that someone has already transferred this thread to plugin would like to ask here again... Is it possible?...or can you give me pointers so as I can write the script myself.
I will build this if you request it at mybb central as a subscriber. I have a similar plugin in mind I was planning on building.
I tried subscribing @ mybbcentral but I am not getting the verification mail... I have even checked spam folder...

btw can't you take a request from here only...given that mybbcentral is giving problem?

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