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Which charset?
I am trying to convert from IPB 2.3 to MyBB 1.4 and historically I have been getting strange characters (such as a "&" in a forum title going wonky).

I am assuming this is a charset issue. The IPB database I have is quite old, although I am running the latest software. So my question has a couple of parts.

1) How can I tell which charset my IPB tables are in?
2) I -think- they might be iso-8859-1 (latin1) but I don't see that as a choice in the converter.

Any thoughts?

Can you zip up the /convert/logs/ directory and PM them to me?
Sure, I started from scratch and am re running the conversion now (having still selected UTF-8)... will be done in a bit and I can send them to you.
So I have been away for a good while but I am still working on this.

Basically my IPB forums were indeed in latin1 chatset, why? Because they are so old that they were originally started on MySQL 4.x which used latin1 as the default apparently.

I have (I think) converted this database to UTF8 and will try another conversion sometime in the next couple of days.

I couldn't send you the logs because they contain the contents of the forum (its a private forum for old college friends and has lots of personal information in it).

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