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Forums viewable dispite permissions.
I have a 2 forums on that I use for staff but after converting from vB 3.7 to MyBB 1.4 I noticed that these forums and the category they belong to are viewable by both members and guests dispite the permissions I set. The only way to make them non-viewable is to deselect "Active" and "Open" in the settings leaving them unusable by staff.

Because of the nature of the topics I cannot leave these forums viewable so if a support member wishes to troubleshoot please PM me and I will setup provide the necessary information for the Admin CP and database if needed.
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When you set permissions, make sure "use group default" isn't checked.
Yup, still not working. Sad
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I can take a look if you like.
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Fixed. Feel free to close. The problem was that in the Configuration section the option "Forum Home Options" was selected "Yes" but when I selected "No" clicked save, and then selected "Yes" again and saved it the forums are now hidden. Smile
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