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xFolder - Forum Status Icon Sets
[Image: xfolder.png]

[Image: xfolderw.png]
The images include shadows as shown on white or any non-solid black color

Hey folks!

Well, this is my first public release of any type of artwork I've created, I hope you folks can make use of it! Smile I added some color since I know there are both male and female forum users.

The images above may be used to replace your forum status icons such as
[Image: off.gif][Image: offlock.gif][Image: on.gif]

There are 10 sets included in the colors shown above (I'd add a better preview but that actually takes longer than making the images)

You must sign up/sign in at to download the image sets. Registration is free.

Link to thread with more information:

If you would like a specialized color scheme or different images other than the X or the arrow just let me know in the thread above and I'll put something together for you.

Thanks! Enjoy..
cool, thanks man
Coming soon..
Wow! That's awesome! I really like the blue ones. Smile
[Image: logo.png]
Very niceSmile
I've been looking at these a bit and I'm going to have to use some of them because I really like them.
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Can you still feel the butterflies?

Free never tasted like pudding.
Cool.. thanks for the feedback guys.

Oh, and I have them installed on my forum so you can check them out live in action... I am also using the for thread status icons (mini-versions) Toungue
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Good work, thanks.

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