Discuss: MyBB 1.4.5 Released - Maintenance & Security Release
W00T Finally it is here :p

Good Job Guys :d
Thanks, Polarbear541
(2009-04-19, 07:12 AM)Doobie Wrote: Hmm didn't seem to go well for me it updated to what i already had 1.4.4 ? I uploaded the install folder to my root folder then ran the upgrade.php and it went fine but said it updated to 1.4.4 which i am already running.
[Image: update_1_4_4.jpg]

Plus when i run the Find Updated Templates i get this SQL error.

[Image: sql.jpg]

You need to upload all the files, Not just the install folder.
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Ok it worked but i deleted everything on my site no problem though, i read the documentation wrong thought i just had to upload the install folder to update.
[Image: 23msdba.png]
You should of overwritten all the files with the 1405 changed files and all you had to do is run the upgrade script.
Coming soon..
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Thank you.
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Thanks. Good job. Done!
have a very successful job thanks
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Congrats to Mybb on this well laid out release. All my forums successfully upgraded. This release is huge and fixes a ton of long standing bugs.

Thanks again.
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Updated Ok Smile
Grand job,
thanx Tikitiki and mybb team! Heart
well done, upgrading in proccess here.
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