[HOW-TO] 1 line mySQL QUERY to delete users inactive 6 months with 0 posts
I´ve missed this important link http://www.unixtimestamp.com/index.php
So you can adapt to your needs - 1 year, 2 years, ... inactive

I know that purge users is a default feature for 1.6x but maybe it didn´t work properly for some installations - it´s my situation, coming from SMF 1.x database with Merge system in 2007~2008
(2011-04-10, 11:02 AM)Shukaku Wrote: This tutorial is redundant for MyBB 1.6 as the new version supports User Pruning.

Hi Shukaku,
Could you please tell us how you do that with 1.6?

Yes in Admin you have a filter "Home » Users » Find Users" but I do not see any field about the activity/inactivity period...

You could think of an auto-promotion in a special group, "Home » User Group Promotions » Add New Promotion"; there is a field about "Time Registered" but not about "Last Active"...

So? Huh
Thanks for this tutorial.
I do not know that mybb 1.6 support users pruning now.


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