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The Best free myBB hosting
Attention: smmsWEB is no longer hosting forums free. smmsWEB is in the process of becoming shared hosting. If you are looking for a forum host, I recommend CreateBB,
i use 123bemyhost i will be looking for another host once i got more users for more room.
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not the best host in the world Sad
It is now shared hosting. The shared hosting hasn't opened, because of wonderful 1and1. Apparently, every time I change DNS now, I have to delete the domain, re register it, reset the settings, wait, then set it the the right settings, and wait. I am seriously ticked with 1and1 right now. The support team is not good either.
Meh from this just deleting every forum to become a web hosting company shows unreliabilty to me.

I mean you could just close the webhosting company and close all hosted sites to become a mybb fan site for all I know.


But thats just paronoid me xD

Good luck here.

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