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[Release 1.4.x] My vBulletin Fantastic v 1.0
I know that, But what I could do ? as I made them to resemble vB, Yet I was not know that how this theme would be taken to users,
secondly, I am changings its images tonight and hopefully will alter it altogether,
I have just edit my images, and hopefully till tommorow I will edit it to my own forum aswell
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
Why vBulletin, why can't people just stick to the way MyBB is designed and not use MyBB as a cheap vBulletin. This sure does give MyBB a bad reputation. However you've done a poor job anyway. Again the colours don't work, the logo doesn't even fit right at the top of the screen and to add on the default vBulletin images are copywright and they don't even match the theme anyway.

The theme it's self looks like it's been rushed and no real effort has been put into it at all. And when you where saying about the different image formats, it's not hard to change them which I can believe you probably did.

I'm getting quite annoyed with not taking our constructive criticism and having to repeat ourselves time and time again and you just won't take it and do something new.
This theme is entirely like a copy of
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Release it in a new thread.

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