[Release 1.4.x] Anti IE Redirect BBCode
(2009-06-05, 01:07 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: Actually I don't see any problems on this.
First, it's up to the administrator to use this MyCode or not.
Second, it's up to members to use this MyCode in their posts or not.

As simple as that

Thanks for those simplification words Pirata Big Grin
Next, I am going to try it in more depth, as to restrict some user groups from seeing posts in IE and some user groups ByPass all the hinderence Smile
Hope you will enjoy it
by this way i have a more versatile idea for u ghazal. Dont restrict anyone just made something like this on same idea.

FF user will see same post in a Decorative Border or something Good and I.E users will see simple plane , and there is a suggestion line .. if u want to see this Post Decorative Use FireFox.

Its only suggestion from me. if u dont mind.
Ohh I don't mind ali Smile
Why are you afraid from me,
Thanks for your suggestion,
I will separately use it for your idea

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