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Avatar bugs (phpbb2)
First bug is a minor one.

The width and height of the avatar setting doesn't transfer over correctly.

For example, I use "128 x 128" for the width and height, and in the ACP, it just shows "128" instead of "128x128".

The second issue is that the avatar images links are broken. These were uploaded to the "./images/avatars/crazylongstringofnumbers.gif" in phpbb2, so I would expect the new link to be "./uploads/avatars/crazylongstringofnumbers.gif", instead the link is: <-- Which is incorrect.

I did upload the files too so I know they exist.
Can you please attach the appropriate debug logs
Alrighty. Here it is: (It is the same one as the shadow topic thread that I made in here actually)

Ah, nevermind then. I'll use those.
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