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ghazal's Huge Plugins List <--- 92 Exclusive Plugins Added
Another Exclusive Release:
Restricted UID From Downloads
This plugin will restrict the download of attachments of certain UserID's.

Its FREE. Smile
All you have to do is to collect 20 Pese at my forum by posting 20 replies OR 10 threads Smile
Restricted userIDs version 2.0 with 7 settings have been released

Another release:

PM Popup: Popups a window when there is a Unread PM
Another Exclusive release:
My Two Columned Announcement:

DEMO: at my forum

my 90 th Plugin Smile

For Subscribers

Login To Thread

It redirects your forum users to specific thread only. Also it will exempts groups that shuld not be redirected, and also It requires from you to enter only and only Thread ID and not the full URL of that thread.

Exclusive Release Smile

Link To Thread
This Plugin add a box in showthread pages having your forum's thread URL as BookMark Link.

---Its FREE Wink

the page has been suspended Sad

[Image: 14613em4.gif]
Yeah.. none of the links are working. that's sad
(2009-09-08, 01:24 AM)ancraz Wrote: the page has been suspended Sad

(2009-09-08, 04:54 AM)Chainzs Wrote: Yeah.. none of the links are working. that's sad

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