Top 10 mybb coders
(2009-08-29, 06:20 PM)xiofire Wrote: What about Lexx?

Unbelievable. Don't you guys read the thread? That list above was based on my personal opinion. Instead of posting unmeaningul things, give your lists with whomever you think is the top 10 Mybb coders.
Tomm is a better coder imho than I am and Yumi should be #1 or #2. He is l33t.
Never thought I would see Labrocca say l33t Toungue.
Nickman? He is very good, I can't believe you haven't included him in your list. I don't know how you can put some of those people in that list though....

What about Chris Boulton? He does a lot still.
(2009-08-29, 06:09 PM)Firestryke31 Wrote: I'm not on that list?
/wrists [Image: f31_sob_v3.png]

J/K and DNC due to only having 2 crappy plugins [Image: f31_play_v3.png].
Crappy?! I would've used Download Section if the delete files thing was there! My list: P. Nervo, Asad_Niazi, Firestryke, Labrocca, -LeX-, Ryan Gordon.
Um, well, I'll give my top 3 I suppose, and I'll include Tom because he writes some great plug-ins.

LeX / lobrocca

Tie for third. Wink
Ryan Gordon
Crackter AKA Martin
Denis Tsang
Asad Niazi

And thanks for listing me there Big Grin I think I am not a good and perfect coder, BUT its saying that;
The tongue of human is a sign of God's Speech
Yes Nickman should be included...imho somewhere around 5.
(2009-08-30, 01:36 AM)labrocca Wrote: Yes Nickman should be including..imho somewhere around 5.
Yet again rare to see a grammar error from labrocca.
1. P. Nervo
2. Asad Niazi
3. labrocca
4. lex
5. Nickman (some plugins don't work. xD)
6. Firestryke31
LOL, my Downloads Manager plugin was literally my first PHP project ever. I had never written a single line of PHP before that. I can't believe I even made a top 10 list with it, especially since I've practically dropped it. Maybe once I can get my thoughts for DLM2 down on paper properly I can go ahead and start it back up.

I'd post my own top 10 but I currently only use 3 plugins, 2 of which are going to be removed once I finish my website redesign. All my top 10 would be is "top 10 mybb coders I heard were great" [Image: f31_play_v3.png].
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