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Pokemon Forum Launched a Few Days Ago
Okay, so a few days ago I decided to use MyBB for the Pokemon forum I decided to create. Go here and to "Forums". Read the homepage first before going to "Forums", because there, you can read how you can contribute to the fanfic I'm writing. I did a lot of it myself, and decided to let the public work on it along with me. The latest chapter is in the forums. You can read the reruns (previous chapters) at FanFiction.Net. Please spread the word! Contributors can become part of the staff! You can make a difference in the Pokemon Quest fanfic series!
o.O i choooosee yooooou
Oooo Pokemon, now that brings back a few childhood memories, I still have loads of the original trading cards in my bedroom, I remember trying so hard to get a shiny Dark Charazard. I gave up, and the following day my mate found one ... I was not happy! :p
Wow think I still got the game boy cartrges. Toungue
What is pokemon Confused ?? can somebody explain me.
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Quote:o.O i choooosee yooooou
That's Ralph Wink

Quote:What is pokemon Confused ?? can somebody explain me.
Pokemon is one of the biggest crazes/fads to have ever been created. You basically collect Pokemon which are little creatures. Each has their own strengths/weaknesses and the skill in the game is to pitch each creature against each other.

I'm sure some of the Pokemon fans can explain it better.
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belalim Wrote:What is pokemon Confused ?? can somebody explain me.

Pokemon was, as decswxaqz said, the world BIGGEST craze! Pokemon cards were traded like mad, and even banned in alot of schools in England (mine had them banned Sad).

You can find out about Pokemon (or Pocket Monsters) on the offical website ... I sat reading the 'pokedex' (a listing of all pokemon) earlier during a key skills communication lesson ^_^
Say, how come no one's registering on the forums? It would be nice of you all to do so - even if you just want to hang around. If you'd like to add to the story, I'd be glad to let you. And do sign the guestbook that's on the forums before registration and tell me what you think!Toungue
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